Classic Russia - 9 Days

Discover Russian class and grandeur on this journey from Moscow to St Petersburg.

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Adelaide- Moscow

Russian Visa- Important information

Please note a visa is required for your trip to Russia. Visa must be obtained before entering the country.
Applicants can only apply for a Russian visa if the entry date into Russia is within 3 months from the date of lodgement.
Visa: Tour invitation letter: AU$20/person. Visa service fee: AU$220/person.

Airport Arrival Transfer to your Hotel

Welcome to Moscow!

The Kremlin has long served as headquarters for Moscow’s many rulers – Ivan the Terrible and Stalin once issued their orders from here and today, the Kremlin’s walls protect some of the country’s most precious treasures.
Outside the Kremlin microcosm lies Russia in constant flux. Since Gorbachov introduced perestroyka (restructuring) in 1985, the Communists have given way to a new generation of business-minded men and women, hungry for progress.
However, old traditions are being honoured and kept alive – excellent performative arts (ballet, opera, and instrumental music), beautifully restored Orthodox churches, Soviet architectural and cultural heritage, and the national cuisine are only a few of the things modern Moscow has to offer.

Moscow – Sergeyev – Moscow (B/L/D)

Today we’ll head to Sergeyev and visit Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, UN World Heritage site and the most important Russian Monastery and the spiritual centre of the Russian Orthodox Church.
We will also visit the Russian Matryoshka Factory, founded in 1947. These beech wooden handicrafts have brilliant colors, cute shapes, patterns with Russian national characteristics and exquisite workmanship.
A local craftsman will guide each guest to colour their dolls, a beautiful memento of your time in Russia
At noon, special arrangements are made to taste the special Russian cuisine of the Russian restaurant.

Red Square, Kremlin*, Zijin Shop, Souvenir Shop, Moscow Metro (B/L)

After breakfast, visit the Red Square and surrounding landscape (about 1.5 hours of tour time) The Siri Ascension Cathedral with is colorful, nine different onions tops.
In the same place you can see the tomb Unknown Soldier commemorating the death of thousands of people who died in the war. There’;s also the opportunity to visit Lenin’s tomb, depending on opening times
Finally, visit the famous underground art palace in Russia

Tsaritsyn Manor,Moscow University, Lenin Mountain View New Saint Cementary (B/L)

After breakfast visit Tzarian Manor, view the marble statue of Katerina II as Minerva. The statue was ordered to commemorate the victory of Russia’s first Russian-Turkish war.
We will visit Moscow University,the oldest university in Russia. The main building of Moscow University is one of the seven Stalin-style buildings in Moscow (known as the Seven Sisters)
Then make our way to the New Saint Cemetery, one of the main cemeteries in Europe over 26 000 historical Russian figures are buried here.

Moscow – St.Petersburg (High Speed Train 4 hours) (B/D)

Welcome to Saint Petersburg!

Dreaming about visiting a paradise-like place on Earth? Come to Saint Petersburg – the so-called museum in the open air. There is no need in visiting any places at all: you can just admire its lavish baroque or reserved classicism architecture and picturesque ribbons of canals by taking leisurely strolls or boat trips.

Winter Palace

Upon arrival we will visit the Hermitage Museum – Winter Palace.See the Alexander column in the palace square, the monument was raised after the Russian victory in the war with Napoleon’s France.
This is the second largest museum in the world and one of the most beautiful palaces in Europe. Learn about the rise and fall of the Romanov Dynasty.
**Important Please note the Winter Palace is close on Mondays. In that case alternative arrangements would be made on behalf of the tour**

St.Petersburg (B/L/D)

After breakfast we will head to the Peter and Paul Fortress. The fortress is located on the right bank of the Neva River in the heart of St. Petersburg it was meant to protect the city at the time of the RussianSwedish War.
Visit the December Party Square, which is named after the December party who died in the December Revolution.
View Navy Headquarters Building; and Bronze Horseman Statue.The bronze statue was placed on a natural boulder weighing 1600 tons, and shows Peter the Great wearing a laurel wreath.

**Please note, Peter and Paul Fortress no church and prison visit is included **
Neva River Cruise,St. Petersburg is a water city. It is composed of dozens of large and small islands and bridges, it is also known as “Venice of the North”.
Enjoy the best views of the city aboard the cruise, Russian cuisine and traditional dance.
Enjoy the magnificent view of St. Isaqiev Cathedral.
Afterwards you can visit the Ban Shopping Center and then stroll through the famous [Neva Street Shopping]

St.Petersburg (B/L/D)

Today we will visit the Summer Garden known as the as “Russian Versailles”
The idea of creating a residence to rival the luxury of the French Kings was Peter’s ambition and he personally chose the site where several underground water springs were located.
Thanks to these underground springs, the amazing garden complex has over 100 beautiful fountains and four spectacular cascades, covering the gardens in summer with a refreshing cooling mist.
After this we will visit October Revolutionary Resort – (also known as Smolny Palace) this site was originally a noble women’s college. The building is the same colour as the Ekaterina Palace in the Imperial Village. It is a great example of Baroque style and Russian style.
Visit the exquisite Blood Cathedral, (appearance of about 20 minutes), also known as resurrection Church, it is one of the few traditional Orthodox churches in St. Petersburg, the construction project was officially completed until August 19, 1907.
We will then visit Kazan Cathedral. it was modelled on St. Peter’s in Rome, is one of the city’s most majestic. It was built from 1801 to 1811 to house the miracle-working Icon Our Lady of Kazan. The dome is 80-metres high and the colonnade facing Nevsky has 96 columns.

St.Petersburg (B)

Free drop-off time is 8:00 and 14:00.
Field or scheduled drop-off: 7-seater, suitable for 4 people + 3 bags AU$230/time
If you are heading back to Moscow on this day, we can organize a second-class train ticket in the high-speed train. US$120
Fee is paid separately and must be booked in advance.

Departure Transfer

St Petersburg – Adelaide

Optional Activities

please note prices are in USD and are subject to change Moscow
Russian circus (about 2 hours) $75 pp
Trekiyakov Gallery (about 1 hour) $70 pp
National song and dance (about 1.5 hours) $75 pp
World War II Museum (about 1 hour) $40 pp

Saint Petersburg

Ekaterina Garden and Amber Palace (about 1.5 hours) $95 pp
Summer Palace (about 1 hour) $60 pp
Russian ballet (about 2 hours) $210 pp
Russian meal (about 1.5 hours) $65 pp